There are hundreds, if not thousands of faucets available to claim free coins daily.
Many have minimum payout thresholds that can take weeks or months to reach without a strong referral network.
Our strategy has been to recommend some of the best paying, long standing faucets you can earn from every day.
Bitcoin BitcoinCASH DASH DOGE Litecoin
  • MyFreeBTC
  • FreeBitcoin
  • MoonBitcoin
  • BonusBitcoin
  • MoonCash
  • Cash
  • CoinMineBCH Faucet
  • GetFreeCoin cash faucet
  • MoonDASH
  • FreeDOGE
  • MoonDOGE
  • DOGEfaucet
  • DoozerDOGE
  • MoonLitecoin