When new coins are released via airdrops and initial coin offerings, there is a great opportunity for making money, we admit that many ICO plans are simply a new way to scam people, but when we can get coins without investing, well, who doesn't want free crypto?! This page is dedicated to offerings we have found that require no purchase... If you are aware of new offerings that you would like to share, we'll be glad to add them to this page.

Sphereis a cool concept that could become the new Facebook. Only a short time left to get some free shares during their ICO
ReFindis a cool service like pinterest, and will give you 20 free coins to sign up today!
PM7is a new direction for affiliate marketing, get $20 in free coins now!
ConnectXThis is a revolutionary blockchain integratable but seperate network based on a satellite network. If you complete the webinar you will get a device valued at $300 in addition to your free coins!
CCRBA new currency with lots of potential.
yoo-MiA Personal Health Assistant (PHA) with the ability to assess, understand and empathize with people as individuals. And to stimulate positive behavioral change to improve your wellness. Meant to integrate with your smartphone
ElementhA blockchain project designed to suppliment/replace UPC barcodes, interesting way to make item codes for digital goods.
BitSongAiming at becoming the first decentralized music platform. A bit like the music streaming platform Spotify, but on blockchain. And they plan to allow users to make money by listening!
Dock.ioDock.io is a new professional social media network. But built with blockchain technology. The team behind the project wants to bypass data monopolies like LinkedIn, Upwork, Glassdoor and others who control the recruiting industry. And give back the power to users and companies.
Cappasity An already active project for VR and AR media
CryptoSocialA social media site designed around crypto users
Hyperion65Get some of these tokens today!
CryptoKamiGet $50 worth of tokens for free